Preparing for your Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

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Cosmetic surgery can be a very daunting experience for the patient seeking it if they don’t know what they are in for. Knowledge is the key in empowering yourself to make better health and wellness choices, including when considering cosmetic surgery. As cosmetic surgery is a planned surgery, doing your homework will make the experience very gratifying.

If you are planning to undergo cosmetic surgery, there are a number of things to consider before you start scheduling consultation with the doctor.


1) Know What you want to change

Before the process of scheduling your consultation, you should have a fair idea about the things you need to change, for example, a hump on the nose, stubborn fat around the belly, etc. In doing so, the consulting doctor will be able to guide you about the correct procedure that will fit your need. This will also help you and your doctor to be on the same page as each other.


2) Plan in Advance

Cosmetic surgery is a planned surgery. As with most surgeries, there is a down time, the time when you will be recovering and won’t be able to present yourself socially. So planning your surgery in advance with arrangements for leave from work and social commitments will be ideal.


3) Finding the Qualified Plastic Surgeon

The most important thing before your consultation is finding a qualified plastic surgeon with a MCh or DNB degree in Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery. There are many doctors claiming to be Cosmetic surgeons, but do not fulfill the required qualifications. Better safe than sorry.Try to have two or three qualified Plastic surgeons in your list.


4) Do your research

In today’s digital age, internet is a great place to do your research about the required treatment and what to expect from the procedure. Sometimes, the internet can be very misleading, so, make sure to confirm your doubts with your doctor. Another way to research is by talking to someone who you know has undergone the procedure, as their personal experience can be a great help in easing the stress out of the whole process.


5) Keep family members informed

It is always ideal if the family members support your decision to undergo certain cosmetic surgery procedure. The pre and post surgery period can be stressful and help and support from family members will make the experience more comfortable. If your family member are not convinced about the procedure, taking them to your doctor will allay their fears.


6) Keep your Medical History ready

Keeping your medical history ready before the planned consultation will help your doctor in suggesting the correct procedure and suggest the appropriate medication before the surgery.

Give a full list of medications and supplements you take and anything you ingest to support your health like herbs, green tea and vitamins. This will also avoid missing out of any vital medical information at the time of consultation.


7) Questions to ask at the time of consultation

At the time of consultation, keep a list ready with the questions you need to ask about the procedure.

-Ask about the surgeon’s experience in performing the particular procedure.
-Where and who will perform the procedure.
-The required hospital stay and down time.
and not to forget to ask the total expenses one should be prepared.


8) Have Realistic Expectations

Media and movies have created a misleading impression about cosmetic surgery. It is very important to have realistic expectations, as what you want and what can be achieved may not be same. Your doctor will guide you about what result to expect and limitations of the procedure. Be open and receptive to the suggestions given by your doctor.


9) Consider How will you Pay for the Procedure

As every cosmetic procedure are not the same, the cost of the procedure can vary as well. Ask your doctor about the estimated procedure cost, and make prior arrangements for the payment as this will streamline the whole experience and will help in developing a good rapport among you and the doctor.


10) Get Excited!

Cosmetic surgery can be a life changing experience. When all your homework is done correctly, it’s time to get excited.

Dr. Jesal Rathod