Facts and Myths of Breast Implant Surgery

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Breast Implant Surgery is one of the most popular and trending cosmetic surgery procedures nowadays in India. Along with the modernization, women are becoming more conscious of their body form. A good figure is the most precious jewellery that every woman desire to have. A good bust adds to a woman’s confidence. This can be achieved with Breast Implant Surgery. Breast Implant Surgery is also known as Breast Augmentation Surgery.

Breast Implant Surgery is designed for all those women who are looking to enhance their beauty. Surgery proves to be the only solution to improve the shapes and sizes of breasts. But it should be noted as well; that a certified Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon only guides you to the best way and gives you the best results. You may find a lot of doctors, but it is more important to select only a Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon to perform the surgery. It might be an important concern because surgery with an unskilled doctor and non-experienced technicians may give a lifelong pain though the whole life.

I mentioned all this information again and again because the selection of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon will decide your future results. As we all know Breast Implant Surgery is not a simple surgery. That’s why it is more important to all the patients to choose well-experienced Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon because only Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons are well-trained and experienced very well to treat complication (if any) happens during the surgery. The analysis of correct size and shape that you need is best done by a plastic surgeon trained in aesthetics. If the breast needs additional lift, the plastic surgeon is the best person to tackle the complex operation and take you to a flawless result.Patients may find lot of doctors other than plastic surgeons who are ready to do Breast Implant Surgery but there might be a chance for surgical errors because non-plastic surgeon doctors are not the right person to execute the Breast Implant Surgery at all.

There are many types of surgeries that are innovated to correct the natural flaws and provides the best results. Each surgery is beneficial in its own way. Every surgery has its own pros and cons and similarly, there are a lot of myths and facts that are revolving around Breast Implant Surgery as well.

Breast Implant Surgery is designed for all those women who desire to enhance their looks and beautify themselves. It refers to the body contouring process which leads to an increase in size of the female breast as per her desire and wants. As loose and sagging breasts are becoming the new source of depression and always diminish the beauty.Poor and loose breasts not only affect body appearances but also affect the patient to a great extent emotionally as well. Emotions hurt more than physical harm and that’s why Breast Implant Surgery is designed to enhance body appearance and lift confidence.

Breast Implant Surgery can be done with various types of Implants. But Silicone implants are used widely in India. These implants are safe, effective, efficient and rupture-free. Silicone implants are available in India in different sizes and shapes.

But the question often blows an individual’s mind: Is Breast Implant Surgery Safe and Successful? Is Breast Implant Surgery a long-lasting procedure or not?
As every patient desire to achieve the best results, so it is a big responsibility on the plastic surgeon’s shoulder to give the best results to their patients. It is strongly recommended to all the patients that they should follow all the pre-operatives and post-operative guidelines to ensure satisfactory results. And remember —— there is no shortcut to recover from surgery, the patient should follow pre-operative and post-operative guidelines strictly to achieve the desired results.

Silicone Implants are widely used in India. Silicone Implants are made up of special gel-like substance. They are soft because a cohesive gel-like substance that is used to make these implants. It is mostly preferred by the patients who are looking for a breast augmentation and reconstruction procedure. These implants are recommended for all those patients who want the best shapes. Saline implants and implants filled with various oils have had enough problems like leakage and deflation and are hence not at all preferred.

Some facts and myths are revolving around Breast Implant Surgery. Read this blog until the end.


Truths about Breast Implant Surgery:

1. Implants are Safe: Silicone Implants are widely used in India. It is a very important responsibility on the surgeon’s shoulders to ensure the safe implants to their patients. As per the new and innovative technologies, extensive researches have shown that Silicone implants are safe and effective. Implants are FDA approved devices. Your plastic surgeon will advise you about use of good quality, approved implants from reputed companies.

2. Implants are Long lasting: Silicone Implants are long-lasting. But it must be noted that implants need to be checked in every 10 year to evaluate for removal and replacement. There is no good reason to remove or replace implants just because of its life. If the implant is still intact and rupture-free, then replacement is not a necessity. Only if ultrasound examination shows signs of breakage, removal with or without replacement can be required.

3. Additional Surgery: Look, as I already mentioned that only experienced Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons should do Breast Implant Surgery and guide the patient to the best in order to reduce surgical errors and give the best results. But if the patient’s implant ruptures and if the size and shape of the curve change due to breastfeeding, then definitely additional surgery is suggested to enhance the appearance or re-correct it.

4. Breastfeeding with Implants: This question arises in a lot of hearts as women and their mothers often worry because they think that they will be unable to breast feed the baby.But there is no evidence suggesting problems about Breastfeeding after Breast Implant Surgery. Hence it is proved that Breastfeeding is completely safe and possible after surgery.

5. Results: The best Results depend upon both patients as well as the surgeon because surgery with board-certified surgeon only assures the best results and the patient’s dedication and proper follow up is needed for the best results.

6. Bruisingand scars: The patient can getonly minimal bruising and scars after surgery are imperceptible if the surgery is performed with well-experienced Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons. Only Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons ensures the best results with the best experience. Some patients who have poor healing and scarring tendency must inform the same to the surgeon.


Myths about Breast Implant Surgery:

1. Breast Implant Restricts Women to Breastfeed: No not at all. As the breast implants are placed under or on the breast tissue that completely allows breast ducts to produce milk and allow them to breastfeed. Unmarried girls and women yet to have a baby can go for implant surgery.

2. Breast Look Perfect ImmediatelyAfter Surgery: No, it is not possible to get perfect curves just right after the surgery. It takes time for the swelling subside after surgery. Breast Implant Surgery recovery takes a couple of weeks or more to attain perfect and natural-looking breasts.

3. Surgery Results are same for all: No. If the patient desires to achieve the same results just like their friends; it may not be possible. Every patient is different in build, size and shape of the original breast etc. So, results also vary from patient to patient. There are many factors that are designed to give you the best results such as size, placement of implant and implant CC used in surgery. So, it is impossible for surgeons to meet with all the desires of the patient.

Please discuss in detail with your surgeon about your expectations so that he can clearly tell you what can be achieved and what cannot be. Unrealistic expectations can ruin your happiness after surgery.

4. Breast Implant Can Cause Cancer: Breast implants are not associated with increased risk of common breast cancers. There can be difficulty is assessing a breast lump after doing breast implants. Special views are available for this evaluation. Non-cancerous breast lumps are rare but can be removed without causing harm to the implant most of the times. Rarely ALCL is a type of local cancer that is associated with implant. If you follow up every year with your surgeon and report any mass immediately, it can be treated. The chances of getting such cancer are indeed miniscule.

5. Breast Sensations Never Come: It is very common that sensations in breasts and nipples could be changed post breast implant surgery, but the patient must wait for a few months post-surgery to get the sensation back. It is mentioned not anywhere that sensations will never come back. So, the patient can feel free and happy.

I hope this blog is going to be very helpful for all those patients who are confused and unaware of the facts and myths of Breast Implant Surgery.

Dr Amit Gupta , Delhi

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