Chin & Cheek Augmentation

Am I a candidate for this procedure?

If you think you have what is commonly called a ‘weak chin” or if your nose looks large on the face in proportion to the chin, then you may benefit with a chin augmentation. Similarly, if your cheek bones look flat and poorly defined, you may benefit by cheek augmentation to make the cheek bones look more well defined and prominent.

General information about the procedure

Chin and cheek Augmentation is done by several methods. For small amounts of augmentation, injections of commercial filler or autologous fat grafting can be opted for. These are non-surgical or less invasive procedures with limited improvement and limited longevity. Fillers classically last for 12-18 months and need to be repeated. Fat transfers may last longer but a second sitting may be required after a year.

In case a larger correction is necessary or warranted, then implants can be used. These are available in different materials like silicone or PTFE (Medpore). This is a more permanent solution.

Bone grafts using your own bone can also be harvested, shaped or carved and then inserted. Bone grafts may be partially reabsorbed or reduce in volume over time.

Injections of fillers and fat are done by simple syringe needle technique and do not requiring any large incisions. Chin Implants can be put in by taking incisions from inside the mouth or externally from under the chin. Cheek Implants are always put through internal incisions on the upper jaw within the mouth.

What kind of results can be expected?

As mentioned above, filler or fat injections give excellent results in cases where small corrections are necessary. However the results last for 12-18 months and the injections require to be repeated. A surgery done well by a qualified Aesthetic Surgeon can make a major positive and permanent striking improvement in the profile of any person who has a small, retruded chin or sunken cheeks.

What can go wrong and how is it remedied?

Temporary swelling in the lips and chin area or in the cheeks is expected as after any surgery. This lasts for about 2 weeks. Medicines are always prescribed for the same. Some bruising can also be expected after any facial procedure, which settles down usually in 7-10 days time.

Infection is rare, even if the procedure is done from inside the mouth. However the patient must sincerely maintain good oral hygiene as advised by your Aesthetic surgeon.

Rarely mal-positioning or migration of cheek and chin implants is also possible if the implants are not fixed properly. This usually does not happen with the planning and execution done by a qualified Aesthetic surgeon.

Common post op do’s and don’ts.

Your Aesthetic Surgeon will explain to you all the measures to be taken post-operatively to prevent complications. Proper maintenance of oral hygiene, regular mouth rinsing and gargling, restrictions in feeding etc will be explained. Positioning during sleep for the first 3 weeks as the implant gets fixed into position is important and will be explained.