Facts and Myths of Hair Transplant Surgery

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Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery has given us a lot of techniques and innovative ways to enhance our appearance and personality. We all know, no one is perfect in this world and along with the rising trend of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, each of us desires to enhance looks and hide the nature’s flaws. Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons are the prophets who help us to hide natural flaws and make the individual feel better.

There are a lot of surgical procedures that are innovated to embrace appearances and Hair Transplant Surgery is one among them. Hair Transplant Surgery is a cosmetic procedure that benefits a lot to all those individuals who are depressed because of the bald head. Hair Loss is the worst and most painful experience for every individual. Both men and women, young and old suffer from the problem of the bald head.

Hair loss retrogresses an individual’s persona and robs confidence to a great extent. In order to achieve confidence, one can and should adopt the solution of Hair Transplant Surgery.

This article will decode all the necessary facts about Hair Transplant Surgery and informs about the myths that are revolving around the Hair Transplant Surgery.

Well before informing all about this, let me inform you more about Hair Transplant Surgery. Hair Transplant Surgery is the latest requirement that is trending all over the world. As I mentioned before in this blog, Hair Transplant Surgery is designed for all those individuals who are suffering from the problem of bald head whether they are women or men, young or old. Yet, Hair Transplant Surgery is not only recommended for patients who are suffering from the bald head but also for all those patients who are looking to increase their hair densities and want to alter their hairline. But the questions that often blows an individual’s mind are:

Is Hair Transplant Surgery Safe and Successful?

Does Hair Transplant Surgery produce a long-lasting result?

But before exploring about the surgery, surgery techniques and procedures, it is more important for all the patients that they should select the best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon to perform their surgery. Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons are best trained as surgical specialists as well as tissue handlers to do Hair Transplant Surgery. Surgery with Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon ensures the best results along with the best experience for the whole life.

Surgery with any other unskilled technicians and non-surgical doctors might land you far from best result. Take your time and select your Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon wisely.
Different techniques are used to execute Hair Transplant Surgery in order to assure the best results. Hair Transplant Surgery techniques are effective and efficient to give a natural appearance to the patient. FUT and FUE techniques are the surgical techniques used to perform Hair Transplant Surgery. Both are efficient and effective in their own ways. As all patients desire the best results; it is the surgeon’s responsibility to guide them at the outset for the right option.

FUT technique is primarily suggested to every patient nowadays as this helps to give the best results along with no scars. It generally leaves a very slim scar line at the donor area which fades over time once the new hair grows. This technique promises their patient’s recovery within 2 weeks.

FUE technique is suggested to those patients who are looking to cover their frontal area. Basically, it is a manual, time-consuming and less preferable technique that ensures the natural results to the concerned patient. This technique generally little more time consuming than any other technique. It leaves a dotted scar all over the donor area which fades within a time. The patient takes more time to recover from FUE than FUT.

Apart from the FUT and FUE technique, there is a Combination Technique which is suggested to all those patients who are looking to increase their density with less scar. A combination technique is the best and most suitable technique that confirms the best and natural-looking results to their patients who are expecting for more hair growth.
Many individuals want to get their Hair Transplant Surgery but don’t want to inform others that they undergo surgery. Long Hair Transplant Surgery is preferably designed for all those patients. We often call it Lunch-Time Surgery or Corporate Surgery. These surgeries are suggested more to pilots and corporate employees.

If any individual has already started to plan Hair Transplant Surgery, he must understand and follow all the pre-operative procedures. These procedures should be customised by the operating surgeon as per the individual patient’s needs.

Various facts and myths revolve around Hair Transplant Surgery. Read this blog until the end.


“Facts about Hair Transplant Surgery: ”

1. Natural Hair: All the transplanted hair is natural, and an individual can follow all the natural rituals with newly grown hair such as cutting, colouring and styling according to the fashion and trends.

2. Painless Surgery: Patients should not get worried about any pain during surgery because local anaesthesia is used to prevent the pain. I am not saying that this surgery is completely painless but there is a mild pain that subsides gradually.

3. Surgery depends upon Stage of Baldness:  There are very few patients who know about the stages of baldness. The surgeon who performs surgery informs their patient about the baldness stage and then further suggests suitable treatment as per the stage.

4. Cost of the Surgery:  Cost of the surgery depends upon various factors like:

  • The expertise of Surgeon
  • Geographical Location of the Clinic
  • Surgical techniques used to perform surgery
  • Number of follicles demanded by the patient

5. Baldness at Primary Stage: Hair Transplant Surgery is not the only solution for the patient of a bald head. It entirely depends upon the stage and the surgeon’s preference. Surgeon will guide you for the best option for your condition

6. Results:  Results vary from patient to patient. The results of the surgery depend upon the person’s own hair growth and quality of lifestyle.


“Myths about Hair Transplant Surgery:”

1. Hair Transplant Surgery is only for Men: This myth has misguided many women drastically. Hair Transplant Surgery can be designed for both men and women. But it must be noted that both men and women have different baldness patterns. Women generally have long hair. Thus they get better coverage than men.

2. Additional Treatment: The newly transplanted hair is the same as natural hair and needs the same treatment as well. Hair Transplant Surgery cannot prevent hair fall. In order to minimise hair, fall after surgery patient needs to get additional treatments like PRP treatments and oral medicines to correct hormonal imbalances which sustains hair growth further.

3. Body Hair Transplant is the same as Scalp Hair Transplant Surgery: This information is completely wrong because body hair has different textures, densities, and growth patterns. So, if an individual plan for Body Hair Transplant Surgery, it may give him new and long hair, but it is never the same as scalp hair.

4. Hair Transplant Surgery may give you immediate results: No, this is the biggest myth of every patient that they can get results just right after surgery. But the truth is that the patient should wait for 3-4 months to see the growth of new natural hair because transplanted hair usually falls within 3 weeks and then hair roots start growing as new, natural and permanent hair.

5. Hair Transplant Surgery is only for Youngsters: This is a very common myth among individuals that after passing the 60s and 70s, an individual cannot get Hair Transplant surgery done. But there is no scientific disclaimer regarding this till now. A person of any age can get their Hair Transplant surgery done. The presence of hair in the donor area is more important than age because the donor area helps the surgeon to decide whether you are a good candidate of Hair Transplant Surgery or not. Age is not the concern at all and there is no link of age with the procedure or the hormones.

6. Hair Transplant Surgery gives the best results only at young age:  In the above point, we have discussed there is no relation between age and results but still, an older individual is not sure about the surgery results. But Hair fall at an early age may REQUIRE extra sessions of Hair Transplant surgery. Hence an individual should start treatment at early age.

I hope this blog is going to be very helpful for all those patients who are confused and unaware of the facts and myths of Hair Transplant Surgery.

Hair Transplant Surgery is excellent option for all those patients who desire a head full of hair.

Dr Amit Gupta


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