For a successful consultation

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For a successful consultation there are a few things you as the patient can also do, or rather avoid.

1. Do not pressurize the surgeon :

There might be times when you do not like what you are hearing from the surgeon. Listen calmly and weight out your pros and cons. Don’t try to push the surgeon into admitting things that are not of his or her professional opinion. For example, if the procedure involves minimal risks then the surgeon will convey this to you. But if there are risks of complications involved then asking the surgeon to say otherwise will create stress in the patient-doctor relationship.


2. Do not try to bargain :

You may face the scenario where you desperately want to get a particular procedure done and are even convinced and have faith in your surgeon, but your budget does not suit his or her fees. Please do not bargain. You can tell your surgeon the amount of money you would be able to spend, and check with him or her if that is possible but repeated bargaining is not favourable.


3. Do not attempt to circumvent the pre operative protocol :

There are certain tests and protocols to be followed during the pre operative period. For example, if you have thyroid issues, do not tell the surgeon to omit the pre operative blood tests to check your thyroid hormone levels just because you feel you are taking the right medications and the tests have always been normal. It is your doctor’s duty to do a thorough analysis before a procedure to ensure your safety and wellbeing. In some cases these tests also reveal diseases that would’ve otherwise remained hidden. Let your doctor do his or her job.


4. Do not overrule your surgeon on post operative protocols :

Remember your doctor has your best interest at heart. Depending on the procedure you have undergone, there is a certain amount of time you will be required to rest. Do not self-assess that you are fit as you may feel fine but your body may still be healing. Do not go back to work without your surgeon’s permission. Strenuous exercises and gym workouts should only be done after you have been given the all clear from your doctor.


5. Do not lie to your surgeon :

Lying to your doctor about your medical history, addictions, or any other ailments can result in serious consequences. You need to be upfront, honest and transparent with your surgeon for the best results. Don’t be in a hurry. Your doctor will work with you to find the best procedure and to resolve your physical or emotional problem as a result.


6. Don’t let the Internet overwhelm you :

These days it is very easy to research all the details regarding a procedure and question your doctor about it. For your own peace of mind, don’t fall into the rabbit hole of too much information. Doing so will not only confuse you but it will also cloud your judgment and make you doubt your doctor. Trust your surgeon and ask him or her all your questions rather than the Internet.

Dr Amiti Shah