Breast Reduction in Indian Women

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Breasts that are disproportionately large or heavy to the rest of the body ,can be a real problem. Large breasts can happen is slim women as well as in obese. Weight loss is not the solution in most cases. In fact breasts that are too large cause difficulty in exercising and thus make weight loss difficult. Breasts that are larger than that may  cause following  issues:

  1. Women do not find the right bra . There is grooving of shoulders and marks of bra strap because of tight bra and heavy breasts
  2. Upper back and shoulder pain because of weight of breasts.
  3. Skin irritation and infection due to excessive sweating under and between breasts.
  4. Social awkwardness, disadvantage at sports and limitations in dressing options.

These are some of the issues that prompt women to seek breast reduction surgery .  Breast reduction surgery can reduce the size of the breasts , lift them up and also make them symmetrical . Breast reduction surgery is usually performed after 18 years of age . Unmarried and married women as well as moms opt for this surgery .

Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and 24 hour hospital stay is required. Stitches heal in 1 week and after this one can start light office work. During first week pain medications are prescribed. During healing period women are advised to wear surgical compression bra for 1 month. After a month heavy activities can be resumed. Scars heal and improve over next 6-12 months.

Breast reduction is a safe and rewarding surgery for women suffering with large breast . Surgery gives them freedom from pain and heaviness, freedom to dress and freedom of activities. Like every surgery or treatment there are certain risks and complications that one must understand before choosing breast reduction surgery .All surgeries have risks related to anaesthesia and wound healing. Here are 3 risks of breast reduction surgery, which you should discuss with your plastic surgeon.

  1. Scars : There are line like scars around nipple and in lower breast, mostly hidden , but permanent. Scarring tendency varies from person to person.
  2. Breast feeding :Breast feeding may be partially or totally compromised after this surgery.
  3. Decreased nipple sensation : Nipple sensation may be diminished in a few cases , though not in all. In most cases nipple sensation comes back with time.

Liposuction of breasts is possible in selected cases to reduce breast size moderately. Liposuction scars are minimal and it does not have many side effects of breast reduction surgery. But Liposuction can nor reduce breast size significantly and it can not lift the breasts us. In young women mostly breast is composed of firm gland tissue and fat is less . That is why liposuction often is not the treatment of choice.

Successful outcome of any surgery depends on choosing the right surgeon . Breast reduction surgery should be  performed only by plastic surgeon with MCh degree is plastic surgery in India.

Apart from this doctors extensive experience in a particular surgery ensures best outcome. Surgical safety depends on your health and also on safe anesthesia and safe hospital .Plastic surgeon members of IAAPS and APSI are your safe bet for best outcome.

Dr Priti Shukla

Ms( General surgery) Mch( plastic Surgery)

Consultant Ambrosia Clinic

Hyderabad , India