According to recent medical research data there is a steady rise in obesity within the past decade, however in the past few years increasing awareness about this widespread problem has motivated more and more overweight people to lose weight.

Although healthy and controlled diet with regular exercise can take care of general obesity it might not suffice to lose weight sufficiently in some cases. This is where the various weight-loss (also called as Bariatric surgeries) surgeries come in.

Gastric Bypass surgery

This is one of the oldest and more conservative weight-loss surgeries. This surgery requires the surgeon to create a smaller pouch out of your total stomach volume. This is created at the entrance to the stomach. This created smaller stomach is then re-connected to the small intestine, while another end is attached to the gastric pouch.

This procedure results in less food intake, due to restricted (smaller) stomach volume. Next, the food which is eaten passes from the pouch straight into the smaller intestine, bypassing the rest of the stomach. The remaining portion of the stomach as well as the remaining part of the smaller intestine attached lower down allow for pancreatic and gastric juices to enter the small intestine and help in digesting it.

The decreased amount of food intake, due to restriction of the stomach volume, as well as bypassing most of the stomach results in loss of fat tissue and eventual loss in weight.

Gastric Sleeve surgery

The gastric sleeve surgery requires the surgeon to cut the stomach such that a small tube-like smaller pouch can be created from the inner circumference near the entry into the stomach. The remainder of the stomach is removed surgically. This is one of the permanent forms of restrictive gastric surgeries.

 Gastric Band/Lap Band Surgery

This innovative weight-loss surgery requires implanting a band of inflatable material around the upper portion of the stomach. This band is connected with a tube to a port in the chest/abdomen which is used to control the degree of restriction. This is basically helpful in creating a smaller pouch from the total stomach volume which restricts the amount of food intake and helps in losing weight.

Nutrition Counseling

This is another popular service provided by the top weight-loss clinics. There are highly-experienced nutritionists and diet specialists on board who will advise you on the aftercare regarding diet post-surgery.

These also help in maintaining a healthy diet in the future so the results of the weight-loss surgery can be enjoyed for a longer time.

Ensure that you choose the most popular and successful bariatric surgeon and clinic which can help with an effective, efficient as well as affordable weight-loss surgery.